Haunted Attractions at The Dungeon of Doom

Haunted Attractions at The Dungeon of Doom – 2016 Haunt Season Feature!


To prove our point of being being the best Haunt in the Midwest, we’ve decided to drive souls from the surrounding depths of Wisconsin and Illinois to really see what we’re introducing in 2016! The team at the Dungeon Of Doom is always looking to create unique experiences never seen in the industry and this year takes the prize.


In 2016, just in time for our 20th Year of Fear we’ve reinvented Mercy General Hospital to be more deranged with even more in store. Also, we hope you’re hungry for more inside the Slaughterhouse now with a new Body Grinder opening in 2016 that will turn you inside out… seriously. After you see this you’ll know why we’re not for the weak-hearted.


Look for an exclusive announcement detailing Edge of Escape, The Dungeon of Doom’s new escape room attraction coming later this year! The most intense and mind-blowing strategy experience between Milwaukee and Chicago! Until then check out some of the newest attractions inside the Dungeon of Doom!


Don’t believe us? Check out the full list of attractions with photos and videos of what you will experience here on our attractions page.


New Haunt Attractions in 2016!


Slaughter House Grinder

In 2016 we’ve expanded and are offering even more protein for your money this Halloween! Experience the Body Grinder inside the new and improved Slaughter House!


Mercy General Shower Room

It’s time to get cleaned up inside the shower room at Mercy General Hospital. Don’t forget to bring your towel for this hospital experience that will sure make a splash.


Mercy General Padded Delirium

You’ve got to be more than insane to see what we created inside this padded room. See Mercy General like you never have with the most intense crazy you’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, we have a pillow for you.


Mercy General Laundry Room

We just want help folding. New in 2016 inside the depths of Mercy General Hospital is the Laundry room where daring souls go to wash their “wears”. Bring your dryer sheets and an extra pair of underwear just in case.


Victorian Portraits to Nowhere

Return and go back into time with our newest attraction in 2016! Rich history can bring both good and bad so look deep and see what’s inside each photograph… if you dare.


Edge of Escape – Premium Escape Rooms Coming Soon!

Can you make it out? Teamwork and strategy will be your best bet if you plan on making your escape. Expect to learn more soon… much more to come on this new attraction.


2016 is a year for celebration and it’s big news in the World of Wacko. After 20 years in the Haunt business, the Dungeon of Doom invites you to get your DOD Tickets early so you can reserve your space. If being Scarred Sh#@**less turns you on, you won’t want to miss us.

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