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  • Once you purchase a ticket there are absolutely no refunds. There are no exceptions for any reason.
    We do not touch however it is extremely interactive and much movement. You might be asked to get against a wall or press a button or even have someone inches from your face. You paid to get an extreme event and this is what we offer in entertainment.
    Yes, free parking is guided and overseen by security.
    Absolutely. We have over 6,000 square feet of indoor entertainment before stepping into the Actual Haunted House. It is a great part of the entertainment.
    You must be 13 yrs old without an adult. This is an intense professional production that is geared for the older mature mind. PG 13 is advised. Many parents best understand their children, so if you think your 12 or 11 yr old has the mindset go for it!!
    We are located 10 minutes north of Six Flags Great America. You exit on Rosecrans Rd (173) from I94 coming from Chicago and exit Waukegan Hwy 41 from I94 coming from Milwaukee. Once you get to 173 head east to Sheridan Rd. (137) and head South to Shiloh Blvd. Turn Left and you will then see our first security car guiding you in. GPS may try to get you to go to 27th Street but you MUST use SHILOH blvd. to get to Building.
    Depending on how busy we are, the attraction can take anywhere from 50-65 minutes once you enter the Skull of the Dungeon. The wait there is additional and can be anywhere from no wait up to 2 or 3 hours depending on the evening.
    The Dungeon of Doom cannot guarantee that everyone will experience Buried Dead or Alive due to line back-ups it might cause. For the most part we will drive the majority of people through, but during our busiest hours you may be bypassed into the Slaughter House. If this is a must see, please come early in the season or on weekdays. Note VIP tickets will only guarantee the Buried Dead or Alive unless the Attraction is not operating which is a very rare experience.
    Please let the attendee at Buried Alive know that you want to be bypassed and if your group wants to go, we have a waiting area while they complete the Attraction to avoid group break-up.
    Although it is not our natural intent, there are instances where you might loose your group and find them at a later time or even at the end of the attraction. If you lose your group, make sure the group and or yourself stay at the exit outside after going downstairs as a reuniting point.