Dungeon of Doom 2016 Opening Night!

Scarier. Freakier. Crazier! September 24th is Opening Night @ THE DUNGEON OF DOOM! Best beware.
We’re back with a “revengence!” The masters of fright done right are officially opening their doors and proud to announce that we are out for more blood as we celebrate our 20th Year of Fear! Because starting on September 24th, The Dungeon of Doom (#DOD) is pulling out all the stops to claim the throne as the scariest Haunted House between Chicago and Milwaukee. Quite possibly throughout the land.

In fact, DOD has been given the most 5-star reviews online by haunt industry pundits. As our claim to fame for 2016 – we’ve totally amped-up our technology, theatrics, special effects, and even added frightening new members to our Killer Crew, all to give you and your friends the most mind­-blowing scare that’s sure to make the bravest in the bunch barf non-­stop. Rekktal Trauma, Phrymelda-Hyde, Chaoss, Imma Cutter, Shank the Clown, Boogie Man and a whole cast of crazies will make sure of just that. 


Some of the Dungeon of Doom’s most revered featured attractions include: Mercy General Asylum Delirium, The Shower Room, The Embalming Room, The Laundry, The Asylum Expansion, The Human Grinder Room and Victorian Portraits to Nowhere! Check out all the details on our new attractions here.

And if all that’s not sickening enough, let us remind you that we’re going to haunt you right up until showtime with our one-of-a-kind Dead or Alive Burial, where everyone in your group will be physically buried. There’s this, plus the upcoming Edge of Escape, the Dungeon of Doom’s famed new escape room coming later this year!


The Dungeon of Doom is an experience like no other. This year’s Big Draw makes it all the better. So remember to check it out:

> Dungeon of Doom 20th Year Anniversary Celebration

> 42,000 square feet of “Oh My God.”

> New High-Technology features 

> Enhanced look, feel and scary surprises around every corner

> Additions to the Killer Crew

> More tricks and treats in time for Halloween

> Jobs for those who will sell their soul

> Directions to DOD Via Google Maps

Be sure to soak-in all of the gory details and our 2016 season calendar on our new killer new website for 2016 at https://dungeonofdoom.com launched in early August. Here you can catch all of the happenings going-on for our BIG 20th Year Fear­-Union in our huge 42,000 square foot haunt attraction. So get yourself ready for the scariest, freakiest, craziest show around. Pre­-Sale tickets are available now! Dare to be scarred?! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Courtesy of the Dungeon of Doom Haunted House, Zion IL.

Here’s some key words to ensure your excitement at the DOD.

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