Doom’s Blackout

It’s time for DOOM’s BLACKOUT! 
Don’t miss the last bit of madness at the Dungeon of Doom. 

Our final attraction provoking reaction.

Twas’ the season for gore, lure and soooooo much more. For 2016 we’ve poured our guts and more into delivering a diabolical destination to send shivers racing up and down your spine.

But just before you thought all the freakish fun has come to a halt, we have one more maniacal mind-bender to invite you to. Right after Halloween, experience the ultimate in Dark and Devious with Dungeon of Doom’s BLACKOUT Blow-out! These Blackout Tickets are only for November 4th and 5th!. Buy em while you can starting on September 1st!


So if you missed your chance to enter the Dungeon of Doom during our regular season, or you’re seeking yet another crazy, chilling and terrifying nightmare down memory lane, get back for the BLACKOUT  (#DODBLACKOUT) – a 100% Pitch Black attraction, where you can test your senses  and re-live every attraction while you guess if the breathing next to you is your best buddy, or one of our Killer Crew. Let’s see if you can make it out with the ones you entered with, or make new fiendish fiends along the way.

This time you better come prepared with gym shoes and may we suggest a change of underwear. The experience is the real deal and totally surreal.

Tickets are on sale now, but limited! So be sure to select your night and secure your tickets today!

Prepare for the Blackout by buying tickets now at! 

Tickets for Doom’s Blackout are NOW on sale!

Yes we’re a bunch psychopaths who love to let loose. But our fans have come to show us some love. Continue to follow us right into next year, and feel free to chat us up if you’re feeling sociable on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat or whatever your addiction for affliction. Thank you so much from the Killer Crew and Dungeon of Doom. Hashtag #Runforyourlives #DungeonofDoom #HauntedAttractions #Hauntedmidwest #ScaryChicago. We love the attention and want you to come back to the dead and visit us again!  And YES! Would any self-respecting axe murderer think otherwise?

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