Haunted Attractions at The Dungeon of Doom

Haunted Attractions at The Dungeon of Doom – 2016 Haunt Season Feature!   To prove our point of being being the best Haunt in the Midwest, we’ve decided to drive souls from the surrounding depths of Wisconsin and Illinois to really see what we’re introducing in 2016! The team at the Dungeon Of Doom is always looking to create unique … Read More

Doom’s Blackout

It’s time for DOOM’s BLACKOUT!  Don’t miss the last bit of madness at the Dungeon of Doom.  Our final attraction provoking reaction. Twas’ the season for gore, lure and soooooo much more. For 2016 we’ve poured our guts and more into delivering a diabolical destination to send shivers racing up and down your spine. But just before you thought all … Read More

Dungeon of Doom 2016 Opening Night!

Scarier. Freakier. Crazier! September 24th is Opening Night @ THE DUNGEON OF DOOM! Best beware. We’re back with a “revengence!” The masters of fright done right are officially opening their doors and proud to announce that we are out for more blood as we celebrate our 20th Year of Fear! Because starting on September 24th, The Dungeon of Doom (#DOD) … Read More

20 Years of Fear

You can hear the screams. The natives are getting restless as they get ready to celebrate 20 years of fears at the Dungeon of Doom. Another year, another summer. Think of all the Swimming, Hiking, Biking, Barbecues, Picnics, Fireworks and Long and Lazy Sunsets to enjoy. Who can resist? Yet, as you sit around the campfire telling fiendish ghost stories, … Read More