20 Years of Fear

You can hear the screams.

The natives are getting restless as they get ready to celebrate 20 years of fears at the Dungeon of Doom.

Another year, another summer. Think of all the Swimming, Hiking, Biking, Barbecues, Picnics, Fireworks and Long and Lazy Sunsets to enjoy. Who can resist? Yet, as you sit around the campfire telling fiendish ghost stories, we’ll throw-in a few more that are anything but freaky fiction. Soon to be lurking in the dark shadows of your mind, dirty deeds are going down, all in preparation for this coming Halloween at the Dungeon of Doom in Zion, Illinois.


The Dungeon is central located, merely over a 1-hour drive from Chicago or Milwaukee in Lake County. Not far from McHenry and just south Kenosha.

It’s been 20 years in the making.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary as the scariest Haunted House between Chicago and Milwaukee, the Dungeon of Doom (DOD) is by far, the most technologically advanced, totally-warped, mind-blowing, scare if you dare attraction around. This year, the natives are really out for blood, and we’re packing-in some crazy new attractions that can make the bravest in the bunch barf non-stop.

Be sure to check all of the gory details by going to our killer new website at dungeonofdoom.com to be released early August. Here you can see what’s in store for a full 60 minutes of Pure Terror.

Mercy General Hospital has been rearranged to be more deranged. The Slaughter House has a new Body Grinder to turn you inside out. The Dungeon of Doom’s edgier escape rooms coming later in the year means there are only a few ways out before you lose your head.

And if all that’s not sickening enough, just you wait. Because we’re going to haunt you right up until showtime with our one-of-a-kind Dead or Alive Burial, where everyone in your group will be physically buried. It’s over 60 minutes of terror. Think you can handle that!?

We have of the sickest minds in the industry.


We aim to push your bone chilling experience out of this world. It’s our job. We love what we do and why we have such a killer crew. Get ready to meet Phrymelda-Hyde, Chaoss, Imma Cutter, Shank, Boogie Man and of course, the grossest with the mostest, Rectal Trauma. Ouch! Can’t you feel the pain!? There’s also going to be three un-named, all-star menaces that (should we say it?) will eat your heart out.

Do you really have the guts to come here?

Located at the corner of chill and thrill, at the Old Briquette Factory in Zion, the Dungeon of Doom has engraved its name in the Hall of Shame. And it’s easy enough to get to there. Just follow these directions on Google Maps if you dare.

You call also pick-up driving directions from our Website at dungeonofdoom.com

You will know you’ve arrived, because there will be a greeting committee glad to “receive” you. So come see us and bring all of your friends to our amazing attraction. But you better come prepared. Perhaps with a change of underwear if you get what we mean.

This year’s Big Draw: > Dungeon of Doom 20th Year Anniversary > New High-Technology features > Enhanced look, feel and scary surprises > Additions to the Killer Crew > Right in time for Halloween > Directions to DOD Via Google Maps

After 20 years, the Dungeon of Doom has a reputation for the raunchy.


2016 is a year for celebration and it’s big news in the World of Wacko. After 20 years in the Haunt business, the Dungeon of Doom invites you to get your DOD Tickets early so you can reserve your space. If being Scarred Sh#@**less turns you on, you won’t want to miss us.

Go to our website at www.dungeonofdoom.com

This year the Dungeon of Doom will scream for attention in every dimension. You’ll see from our new website that we’ve been working on our complexion. Get all the freaky facts. It’s all there.

Be sure to check back with us often at dungeonofdoom.com

Our ugly faces are on FaceBook and other Social Media:

Some think we’re a bunch of anti-social psychopaths out to get you. But the fact is we’re very sociable. We have followers who have lived to talk about us on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and more. You and your friends can follow us too. Hashtag #Runforyourlives #DungeonofDoom #HauntedAttractions #Hauntedmidwest #ScaryChicago. Or say whatever you like. We love the attention and we’re licking our chops waiting on your arrival. Would any self-respecting axe murderer think otherwise?

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